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  • A Treemap is a visualisation of hierarchical structure. You can upload data to online tools such as Many Eyes to create interactive Treemaps. However, we are not aware of any standard desktop tools that can be used to create Treemaps (please email if you know of anything!).

Conditional tree

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This visualisation is used in conjunction with a regression in order to enable statistical inference. Conditional trees are useful for processes that take place in discrete stages.

Interactive treemap

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Academic citations between journals (boxes) and fields (colours). 'Compass points' indicate citations for a specific journal - incoming (white arrow) and outgoing (black arrow).
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Interactive treemap

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Number of infant deaths per 100,000 live births in selected countries.
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Mosaic plot

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This type of plot is used to visualise contingency tables by proportionally representing the size of the cells. It can also be used to visualise the fit of the log-linear model technique. The example shows a three dimensional table with data of hair, eye colour and gender in 592 statistics students.
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Visual types:

treemap, area chart, mosaic plot

Parallel Sets (ParSets)

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Parallel Sets is a technique for visualizing categorical data. It helps you get away from representing individual data points, and instead show sets and subsets of items with certain combinations of criteria.<br />This example illustrates the people on board the Titanic. In a way, ParSets is a mix between parallel coordinates and treemaps/mosaic plots.
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BME population by sex, limiting long-term illness and not in good health(excluding White British group) in Staffordshire.
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