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Gallery: Histogram

17 unique examples
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  • Histograms can be created in a range of standard data applications such as Excel.

2D histogram

Screenshot for '2D histogram'
An extension of the concept of histogram to display the colour image content.
Average rating: 4.3 (6 votes)
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Back to Back Histogram

Screenshot for 'Back to Back Histogram'
A modification of the basic histogram in order to display information for two variables. In this case, the example shows the distribution of some reaction times by gender.
Average rating: 5.7 (10 votes)
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Block Histogram

Screenshot for 'Block Histogram'
A block histogram lets you see the distribution of numeric values in a data set. The x-axis is divided into 'bins' that correspond to value ranges. Each item in the data set is drawn as a rectangular block, and the blocks are piled into the bins to show how many values in each range. To see the exact value of a block move your mouse over it. If you are charting more than one dimension use the menu at the bottom of the graph to choose which to show. You can also highlight a block by clicking - use control-click to highlight more than one, and click again to deselect). Highlights are helpful for pointing to particular items when you make a comment or following a particular item as you change the x-axis using the menu at bottom.
Average rating: 3.5 (5 votes)
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Conditional plot

Screenshot for 'Conditional plot'
This is a lattice graph, that allows the presentation histograms for more than one variable.
Visual types:

histogram, conditioning plot

Conditioning plot

Screenshot for 'Conditioning plot'
A visualisation to display a variable distribution conditional on the distribution of at least a second variable. In the example, the number of breaks is displayed conditional on the type of wool and the level of tension.

Double conditioning-plot

Screenshot for 'Double conditioning-plot'
A conditioning plot with splines added. It allows the visualisation of a variable distribution conditional on the values of the relevant groups of interest.

High density regions

Screenshot for 'High density regions'
Plot of the probability density function with emphasis on the highest densities.
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Histogram of rank distribution

Screenshot for 'Histogram of rank distribution'
Competitiveness Index in rural areas, 2006. The distribution curve in each graph hints at the overall performance and the spread of scores. The skew to the left or higher ranks on both the Overall Index of Competitiveness and the Input measures and the shorter tail confirming greater signs of health in rural local authorities on these measures, than the skew to the right or lower ranks and longer tail on the Output and Outcome measures.
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Interactive block histogram

Screenshot for 'Interactive block histogram'
US Consumer Price Index through November 2008.
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Multiple histogram

Screenshot for 'Multiple histogram'
A bar plot that allows the combination of multiple histograms and visualisation of several variables.
Average rating: 2 (2 votes)
Visual types:

bar chart, histogram

Quantile regression

Screenshot for 'Quantile regression'
A complex graph for presenting detailed population about population growth. It integrates other visualisation types: Histograms, representation of the quantile regressions, and boxplots for the residual values.
Average rating: 8 (4 votes)

Ranking histogram

Screenshot for 'Ranking histogram'
Ranking Histogram for conception rate of under 18 year olds (per 1,000 15-17 year olds) in 2002-04 for all LAs in England.
Average rating: 2 (1 votes)
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Rose diagram

Screenshot for 'Rose diagram'
This is a circular histogram plot which displays directional data and the frequency of each class. It is widely used in geography, geology and other earth sciences.
Average rating: 2 (1 votes)
Visual types:

histogram, rose diagram

Scatterplot with histograms and dispersion markers

Screenshot for 'Scatterplot with histograms and dispersion markers'
This visualisation integrates the capabilities of histograms, scatterplots and dispersion indicators in a single graph with interactive features.
Average rating: 6 (2 votes)

Scatterplot with marginal histograms

Screenshot for 'Scatterplot with marginal histograms'
This graph combines histograms and scatterplots.
Average rating: 3.8 (4 votes)


Screenshot for 'Spinogram'
This type of graph is a modification of the histogram In the example, the distribution of the treatment outcome for an arthritis blind trial conducted in 1988 is plotted against age.
Average rating: 7.2 (3 votes)
Visual types:

histogram, spinogram

Tukey's hanging rootogram

Screenshot for 'Tukey's hanging rootogram'
This visualisation is a variation of the concept of histograms, combining observed and predicted distributions in a simple way.
Average rating: 9.5 (2 votes)
Visual types:

histogram, line chart, rootogram