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2D histogram

Screenshot for '2D histogram'
An extension of the concept of histogram to display the colour image content.
Average rating: 4.3 (6 votes)
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Bagplot : 2D boxplot

Screenshot for 'Bagplot : 2D boxplot'
A generalisation of the boxplot, this visualisation relies on the median (red star) and the representation of 50% of the observations (dark blue area).
Average rating: 5.2 (5 votes)
Visual types:

scatterplot, box plot, bagplot

Bar chart with error limit

Screenshot for 'Bar chart with error limit'
Bar chart showing mortality from alcohol for males compared with females, with error limits.
Average rating: 8.5 (2 votes)

Bar line trend chart with baseline

Screenshot for 'Bar line trend chart with baseline'
Chart showing real GVA growth over time and output gap.
Average rating: 5.8 (5 votes)

Box plot

Screenshot for 'Box plot'
Box plot showing variation in under-18 conception rates per county across England.
Average rating: 7 (1 votes)
Visual types:

box plot

Bubble chart

Screenshot for 'Bubble chart'
County level 2008 US presidential election returns.
Average rating: 5.5 (18 votes)

Bussiness cycle clock

Screenshot for 'Bussiness cycle clock'
This is a tool offered by the Organisation for Economic co operation and Development (OECD) to help visualise the business cycles around four main themes: Industrial production, business confidence, consumer confidence and composite leading indicators. The cycles are visualised as lines going counter clockwise for any given pair of countries. The regions of the graph represent a section in this cycle: "Expansion – series is increasing and above 100; Downturn – series is decreasing but above 100; Slowdown – series is decreasing and below 100; Recovery – series is increasing but below 100."
Average rating: 6 (1 votes)

Circular connection graph

Screenshot for 'Circular connection graph'
Academic citations between journals (inner circle) and fields (outer journal)
Average rating: 5.3 (16 votes)
Visual types:

comparative chart

Climatic diagram

Screenshot for 'Climatic diagram'
This plot offers a snapshot of several climatic variables for a station. This type of diagram is widely used by geographers, agronomists and other earth scientists.
Average rating: 5.3 (4 votes)
Visual types:

climate diagram

Conditional density plot

Screenshot for 'Conditional density plot'
This is a type of conditional plot where the distribution of a categorical variable is shown to change over the values of a continuous variables. In the example, the distribution of the variable indicating the distribution of the treatment outcome (for an arthritis blind trial conducted in 1988) is plotted against age.
Average rating: 8 (4 votes)

Conditional tree

Screenshot for 'Conditional tree'
This visualisation is used in conjunction with a regression in order to enable statistical inference. Conditional trees are useful for processes that take place in discrete stages.

Conditioning plot

Screenshot for 'Conditioning plot'
A visualisation to display a variable distribution conditional on the distribution of at least a second variable. In the example, the number of breaks is displayed conditional on the type of wool and the level of tension.

Correlation matrix plot

Screenshot for 'Correlation matrix plot'
This visualisation enables the visual representation of a correlation matrix. This particular example is about lawyers' ratings of state judges in the US Superior Court for 1977 on variables such as judicial integrity, demeanour, diligence and others.
Average rating: 6.5 (4 votes)
Visual types:

scatterplot, correlation plot

Cross-Reference visualisation

Screenshot for 'Cross-Reference visualisation'
Textual cross references found in the Bible.
Average rating: 6.8 (5 votes)
Visual types:

comparative chart

Double conditioning-plot

Screenshot for 'Double conditioning-plot'
A conditioning plot with splines added. It allows the visualisation of a variable distribution conditional on the values of the relevant groups of interest.

Effect plot

Screenshot for 'Effect plot'
Effect plots work by identifying high-order terms in a generalised linear model, a statistical technique. Once these terms are identified fitted values are derived and plotted for the relevant groups.

Election Seat Calculator

Screenshot for 'Election Seat Calculator'
Interactive tool that combines the power of a cartogram, a bar chart and a pie chart to explore possible outcomes of the 2010 election.
Average rating: 7 (1 votes)

Funnel Plot

Screenshot for 'Funnel Plot'
Funnel plot generated in excel by the Association of Public Health Observatories to illustrate prevalences.
Visual types:

funnel plot

Funnel plot showing stroke admissions against national average

Screenshot for 'Funnel plot showing stroke admissions against national average'
Funnel plot of re-admissions following stroke, for large acute or multi-service NHS Trusts in England. The funnel plot does not rank the data and it takes into account the increased variability of the smaller units.
Average rating: 10 (1 votes)


Screenshot for 'Geo-spider'
Income levels of geo-demographic clusters.
Average rating: 7.3 (9 votes)
Visual types:

spider (radar) chart

Google Data Explorer

Screenshot for 'Google Data Explorer'
This interactive tool developed by Google offers a large amount of data, ranging from databases on public debt in Europe (in the screenshot) to education statistics in California. It is fully flexible so the user can select can choose between line, char graphs and maps, as well as the contextual information to be displayed.
Average rating: 8.7 (3 votes)

Health profile

Screenshot for 'Health profile'
Health profile, benchmarking performance of an area on a range of variables against the regional average.
Average rating: 6.2 (5 votes)

High density regions

Screenshot for 'High density regions'
Plot of the probability density function with emphasis on the highest densities.
Visual types:


Histogram of rank distribution

Screenshot for 'Histogram of rank distribution'
Competitiveness Index in rural areas, 2006. The distribution curve in each graph hints at the overall performance and the spread of scores. The skew to the left or higher ranks on both the Overall Index of Competitiveness and the Input measures and the shorter tail confirming greater signs of health in rural local authorities on these measures, than the skew to the right or lower ranks and longer tail on the Output and Outcome measures.
Visual types:


Interactive treemap

Screenshot for 'Interactive treemap'
Academic citations between journals (boxes) and fields (colours). 'Compass points' indicate citations for a specific journal - incoming (white arrow) and outgoing (black arrow).
Average rating: 3.5 (4 votes)

Interactive treemap

Screenshot for 'Interactive treemap'
Number of infant deaths per 100,000 live births in selected countries.
Average rating: 2 (2 votes)

Lattice confidence intervals

Screenshot for 'Lattice confidence intervals'
A simple graph that allows the presentation means and confidence intervals of several inter-related variables in an experiment.
Average rating: 5.5 (2 votes)

Line chart with error limits

Screenshot for 'Line chart with error limits'
Line chart showing actual teenage conception rates (green line) in comparison to trajectory (red circles), 1997 to 2010.

Line chart: Curves

Screenshot for 'Line chart: Curves'
This is an example of the use of a line chart to plot mathematical functions.
Average rating: 3 (1 votes)
Visual types:

line chart

Line graph

Screenshot for 'Line graph'
The set of line graphs shows how demographics of students in American schools have evolved in the last two decades. Here, New York City schools is selected, compared with New York State schools (gray line).<br /><br />The blue and gray lines are almost parallel everywhere, which tells us that in terms of the change in demographic composition, New York City pretty much resembled New York State during this entire period. <br />However, in terms of demographic composition, rather than the change in composition, New York City schools are very different from the rest of the state, in that the proportion of white is lower by a third while that of minorities are much higher, especially black and Hispanic students.<br />State-wide (as well as city-wide), black and white students have been declining as a proportion while Hispanics and Asians have increased. <br />The extent of the change is immediately visible, Asians have jumped from 7% to 14% for example.
Visual types:

line chart

Line graph with annual breakpoints, targets and trendlines

Screenshot for 'Line graph with annual breakpoints, targets and trendlines'
Number in treatment, year on year in Halton compared with targeted figures.
Average rating: 2 (2 votes)
Visual types:

line chart

Line graph with converging lines

Screenshot for 'Line graph with converging lines'
Income before housing costs of a lone Parent with 2 children under 11 in private rented housing compared with gross earnings (by benefit type).
Average rating: 2 (1 votes)
Visual types:

line chart

Matrix chart

Screenshot for 'Matrix chart'
The matrix chart divides the screen into a grid. Rows represent the values in one text column (e.g., political candidate) and columns represent another text column (e.g., states of the US). Each cell then shows a circle or bar that represents the value for its row/column combination (e.g., contribution to Hillary Clinton from New York).
Average rating: 5 (1 votes)

Meta analysis plot

Screenshot for 'Meta analysis plot'
A chart used to summarise the findings of several studies about a common variable. It presents confidence intervals for each one of the studies considered. The example presents data on the effectiveness of silver sulfadiazine coating on venous catheters for preventing bacterial colonisation of the catheter and bloodstream infection.
Average rating: 6 (2 votes)

Parallel Sets (ParSets)

Screenshot for 'Parallel Sets (ParSets)'
Parallel Sets is a technique for visualizing categorical data. It helps you get away from representing individual data points, and instead show sets and subsets of items with certain combinations of criteria.<br />This example illustrates the people on board the Titanic. In a way, ParSets is a mix between parallel coordinates and treemaps/mosaic plots.
Average rating: 3.8 (10 votes)

Personicx-Geo Interactive Spider

Screenshot for 'Personicx-Geo Interactive Spider'
Geodemographic clusters and average age band. Also provides background information on the cluster.
Average rating: 5.2 (7 votes)

Probability line chart

Screenshot for 'Probability line chart'
Shows probability of defaulting on mortgage increase when amount owed surpasses value of property. 'Underwater' section shows loan-to-value ratio of more than 100%.
Average rating: 6 (2 votes)
Visual types:

line chart

Quantile regression

Screenshot for 'Quantile regression'
A complex graph for presenting detailed population about population growth. It integrates other visualisation types: Histograms, representation of the quantile regressions, and boxplots for the residual values.
Average rating: 8 (4 votes)

RF Plot

Screenshot for 'RF Plot'
This is a visualization technique developed to describe how performance varies across the 54 libraries in Leicestershire. From the report “Creating RF Plots for all libraries allows us to see variation within and between the different sites. Whilst the seven largest libraries dominate in terms of absolute numbers, scaling the colour scheme by a power function allows us to see variation amongst the smaller quantities” (p. 2).
Average rating: 9.5 (8 votes)
Visual types:

rf plot

Rose diagram

Screenshot for 'Rose diagram'
This is a circular histogram plot which displays directional data and the frequency of each class. It is widely used in geography, geology and other earth sciences.
Average rating: 2 (1 votes)
Visual types:

histogram, rose diagram

Scatterplot with histograms and dispersion markers

Screenshot for 'Scatterplot with histograms and dispersion markers'
This visualisation integrates the capabilities of histograms, scatterplots and dispersion indicators in a single graph with interactive features.
Average rating: 6 (2 votes)

Scatterplot with marginal histograms

Screenshot for 'Scatterplot with marginal histograms'
This graph combines histograms and scatterplots.
Average rating: 3.8 (4 votes)

Scatterplot with Tufte axes

Screenshot for 'Scatterplot with Tufte axes'
Scatterplot with axis indicating the marginal distribution of a variable.
Average rating: 5.3 (3 votes)
Visual types:


Scatterplots with smoothed densities colour representation

Screenshot for 'Scatterplots with smoothed densities colour representation'
A scatterplot designed to represent the probability density function of a random variable.
Average rating: 10 (1 votes)
Visual types:


Score card

Screenshot for 'Score card'
Chart showing the proportion of an offence type within a particular CSP is significantly much higher, slightly higher, as expected, slightly lower or much lower compared to the profile of offences cross the whole county.
Average rating: 5 (1 votes)
Visual types:


Scorecard at ward level

Screenshot for 'Scorecard at ward level'
Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, Alcohol related harm admission rates (NI 39), wards benchmarked against the county average.
Average rating: 4.5 (2 votes)

SMS activity video

Screenshot for 'SMS activity video'
SMS activity in Amsterdam over New Year's Eve.
Average rating: 7.3 (3 votes)


Screenshot for 'Spinogram'
This type of graph is a modification of the histogram In the example, the distribution of the treatment outcome for an arthritis blind trial conducted in 1988 is plotted against age.
Average rating: 7.2 (3 votes)
Visual types:

histogram, spinogram

Stacked column (with error limits and national baseline for benchmarking)

Screenshot for 'Stacked column (with error limits and national baseline for benchmarking)'
Performance of health trust in terms of the service provided by GPs.
Average rating: 7 (1 votes)

Stream graph

Screenshot for 'Stream graph'
Music artists listened to over time, using data taken from
Average rating: 6.5 (9 votes)

Stream graph variation

Screenshot for 'Stream graph variation'
US Box Office data, showing takings and ranking each week. This visualisation is based on the data and original idea displayed <a href="/vis/id=282">here</a> but uses an alternative method to calculate and depict the areas on the graph.
Average rating: 6 (10 votes)

Ternary plot

Screenshot for 'Ternary plot'
A type of scatterplot, this visualisation allows the representation of three variables. In the example, the plot presents the proportions of employment in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors for 12 European countries in 1978, 1986 and 1997.
Average rating: 5 (2 votes)

Three dimensional plotting

Screenshot for 'Three dimensional plotting'
Example of a three dimensional plot. It creates depth by greying out points further 'away'.
Average rating: 5 (3 votes)

Time series plot

Screenshot for 'Time series plot'
This plot represents the outcome of a forecasting model a with simulated data set. The orange region show the confidence intervals for the forecast.
Average rating: 3.5 (2 votes)

Topology map

Screenshot for 'Topology map'
AS-Level Internet Graph.
Average rating: 5.8 (4 votes)
Visual types:

topology map

Transcript analyzer

Screenshot for 'Transcript analyzer'
This is an interactive tool to visualize debate transcripts.<br />Click on the 'Load another transcript' button to choose a different transcript. The top section shows the distribution of some selected words within the text across a 'timeline' which goes from left to right. Each speech segment is the same width and the height of the small white bars show the number of occurrences of that word for that segment. You can add new words with the text box in the top right corner. You can remove existing words by clicking on them.<br /><br />Right below the word distribution graphs is a similar coloured set showing a spectral decomposition of the text based on who spoke and how much was said. In this case the bar heights give the amount of text for each segment. Click and drag the mouse left to right to move along the timeline and show the actual text for 3 consecutive segments.
Visual types:

bar chart, qualitative

Triangular plot area

Screenshot for 'Triangular plot area'
This graph presents the ratios of the three variables as positions in a triangle.
Average rating: 3 (4 votes)
Visual types:

scatterplot, ternary plot

Tukey's hanging rootogram

Screenshot for 'Tukey's hanging rootogram'
This visualisation is a variation of the concept of histograms, combining observed and predicted distributions in a simple way.
Average rating: 9.5 (2 votes)
Visual types:

histogram, line chart, rootogram

Twin axis bar chart

Screenshot for 'Twin axis bar chart'
CO2 Emissions in Essex and Districts in 2004 in quantity and per head.
Average rating: 4 (3 votes)

Urban Diary Aquarium

Screenshot for 'Urban Diary Aquarium'
Saturday track record of three participants of the UrbanDiary project recorded in London. The data is plotted with the z-axis representing time of the day. The time frame in this case is 24 hours and starts from the bottom at 00h00 passing the time upwards to 24h00. Each participant has a time reference icon over the home location, where the journey starts and ends. There is one female and two male participants, of whom the female and one male participant have family. The single male goes in to work just as normal although it is a Saturday and returns home in the afternoon to do some sport activity locally where he lives. His journey starts at 08h23, ends at 17h19 and travels around 15 km. The woman does some local activities with her family and travels in to her workplace briefly later on. She starts her day at 07h01, ends at 20h09, and covers 30 km wile traveling. The Second male participant spends his day in the local area. This journey starts at 11h45, ends at 18h53, and measures 5 km.
Average rating: 4.3 (3 votes)
Visual types:

time line, time series plot

Video of Twitter activity

Screenshot for 'Video of Twitter activity'
Animated map of Twitter usage during Barak Obama's inauguration.
Average rating: 8 (1 votes)
Visual types:


Violin plot

Screenshot for 'Violin plot'
This graph is a modification of the boxplot that enables the representation of densities and other distributions. The image shows the boxplot together with its possible modifications.
Average rating: 7 (3 votes)
Visual types:

box plot, area chart, violin plot

World Bank Data Visualizer

Screenshot for 'World Bank Data Visualizer'
The World Bank has created a complex visualisation tool to make available 49 indicators for 209 countries and 18 aggregates from 1960-2007. Data includes social, economic, financial, information & technology, and environmental indicators. The visualisation is completely customizable bubble chart in the spirit of 'gapminder' and the user selects the x and y axis dimensions as well as the variable that determine the size of the bubbles and the time point to be displayed.
Average rating: 3.5 (4 votes)