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Rectangular choropleth cartogram of people with HIV

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Rectangular choropleth cartogram of people with HIV
A world-view cartogram for World's Aids Day. The size of a region indicates the number of people infected with HIV - each square being 10,000 people infected. The colour of a region indicates the rate of infection, in relation to the global average.
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Xaquín González Veira (Non-Commercial Research)
Interactive features
Benefits & pitfalls to avoid
  • Shaded maps can emphasise large areas much more than small ones - for example highlighting rural areas over urban, if fixed population areas such as Super Output Areas are shown. Consider providing an alternate mode in which values are represented by circles, or values are scaled by the area size (ie showing density).
Create your own
  • Chloropleth maps can be created in a range of desktop GIS applications such as MapInfo and ArcGIS.
  • There are currently no commercial applications that create cartograms, although some routines are available on the web from Cartogram Central and World Mapper.