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Stream graph

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Stream graph
This visualisation is a combination of an area graph and a time line. The areas here are used to represent the gross box office results of movies relased between 1986 and 2008. The visualisation is enhanced with links to reviews of the movies included.
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The New York Times: The New York Times, 23 February 2008 (News)
Interactive features
Hover the mouse over the areas to see the title of the movies and acces its review.
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  • Area charts can be created in a range of standard data applications such as Excel.
  • There are currently no commercial applications that create stream graphs, although some online routines are available on the web from XXX. For more information see pdf paper from Lee Byron who invented the technique.
  • Time lines can be created in a range of standard data applications such as Excel More sophisticated visualisations can be created using commercial packages such as Tableau, or development languages such as Processing.