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Step 1. Choose a theme

In order to find the visualisation that is most appropriate for you, it is necessary to consider your purpose: what are you trying to find out or display?

Selecting from the four themes below will take you to a series of example questions covering the main purposes we need visualisations for. Simply click on one of the theme names to identify the relevant questions under that theme that are most appropriate to your requirements.

Alternatively, click here to select a level of expertise.
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  • Understanding needs "What do we need to do?" For public services, "understanding needs" requires addressing a set of questions around to get a clear understanding of what communities/ users/ citizens are like.
  • Improving service delivery "How do we do it?" Improving service delivery is fundamentally about understanding users, and how services can be better tailored and targeted to their needs.
  • Performance and reporting "How did we do?" Covering questions such as whether targets are being met, how performance compares with others, whether there has been improvement in outcomes and whether there has been user satisfaction with performance.
  • Data exploration Exploring your data with no specific research question in mind; looking at patterns in the data, relationship between datasets, whether findings are statistically significant etc.