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Gallery: Thematic table

5 unique examples
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Create your own: thematic table

  • Thematic tables can be created in a range of standard data applications such as Excel.

Circular interactive score card

Screenshot for 'Circular interactive score card'
An interactive dashboard which explores how the handling of gay rights issues vary by state and follow trends by region across the US
Average rating: 8.6 (6 votes)

Colour coded table

Screenshot for 'Colour coded table'
Table identifying the most deprived LSOAs in Warwick county and each District on the Indices of Deprivation 2007.
Average rating: 4.6 (7 votes)
Visual types:

table, thematic table

Strategic risk profile

Screenshot for 'Strategic risk profile'
Comparing the likely risks and impacts of various policies and interventions.
Average rating: 4.4 (9 votes)
Visual types:

thematic table

Summary plot - LAA roles

Screenshot for 'Summary plot - LAA roles'
Chart summarising roles of different organisations within a Local Area Agreement. Useful for benchmarking, comparing areas by responsibility. Cross tabular information
Average rating: 2 (1 votes)
Visual types:

table, thematic table

Traffic light wallchart

Screenshot for 'Traffic light wallchart'
Join Strategic Needs performance, good or bad performance relative to the county average on health indicators for wards in Oxfordshire
Average rating: 8.5 (2 votes)