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Gallery: Flow map

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  • Simple point-to-point flow maps can be created in a range of desktop GIS applications such as MapInfo and ArcGIS More sophisticated visualisations can be created using commercial packages such as Tableau, or development languages such as Processing.

Accesibility Map

Screenshot for 'Accesibility Map'
The map shows the average number of pickups for different times of the day and days of week
Average rating: 3.3 (3 votes)
Visual types:

flow map, base map

Commuter View

Screenshot for 'Commuter View'
CommuterView is a highly interactive tool which shows flows of commuters based on 2001 Census data (example below). By selecting an area (local authority) of interest within the UK, the major flows of commutes within the area can be seen by moving the mouse. Patterns of flows and major areas of employment are clearly revealed.
Average rating: 8 (12 votes)
Visual types:

map, flow map

Flow map of Madrid's cultural budget

Screenshot for 'Flow map of Madrid's cultural budget'
A static flow map showing how cultural funding is distributed across areas. As actual funding is shown, a scale is provided to the left of the chart. For further information in English, see the <a href="">Open Knowledge Foundation blog</a>.
Average rating: 7.1 (6 votes)
Visual types:

area chart, flow map

Flow map showing US and China imports and exports

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Flow map showing US and China imports and exports.
Average rating: 6.9 (13 votes)

Flow map showing wine exports

Screenshot for 'Flow map showing wine exports'
Minard's 164 flow map, showing French wine exports. The width of each line represents the volume of wine exported from France. The lines decrease in proportion at each branch point. To keep the presentation clear, Minard distorted many geographic features such as the Strait of Gibraltar.
Average rating: 6 (1 votes)
Visual types:

flow map

University collaboration map

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Framework Programme 6 R&D collaborations between European universities that cooperate in more than ten research projects.
Average rating: 4 (1 votes)
Visual types:

map, flow map