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Gallery: Clustered bar chart

9 unique examples
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How to create your own

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  • Clustered bar charts can be created in a range of standard data applications such as Excel.

Annotated tables and charts

Screenshot for 'Annotated tables and charts'
Presentation of range of visual outputs looking at the housing market. Analysis is annotated in order to help users understand the significance of what is being displayed.
Average rating: 5 (11 votes)

Bar - with annotations

Screenshot for 'Bar - with annotations'
Measures how much knowledge on Millennium Development Goals between 2007 - 2008. Arrow highlights more detail (such as info on ethnicity) on the minority 'know more than 'very little''.
Average rating: 8 (2 votes)

Bar chart

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Deaths from smoking across the six towns, 2002-6 average annual rate per 100,000.
Average rating: 6.8 (6 votes)

Bar chart

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US political party affiliations for religious traditions (in contrast to <a href="http://datavis/edit.php?id=123">this bubble chart</a>).
Average rating: 5.5 (4 votes)

Bar chart

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Percentage of 11 year olds achieving Level 4 or above in Key Stage 2 tests for English and mathematics in England.
Average rating: 5.5 (2 votes)

Bar chart with categories and threshold line

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Proportion of the population with tertiary education in selected European counties, 2001.
Average rating: 2.3 (4 votes)

Bar chart with error limit

Screenshot for 'Bar chart with error limit'
Bar chart showing mortality from alcohol for males compared with females, with error limits.
Average rating: 8.5 (2 votes)

Bar chart with historical bar chart for context

Screenshot for 'Bar chart with historical bar chart for context'
Serious pollution incidents affecting water, air or land, 1993 to 2007.
Average rating: 8 (2 votes)

Clustered bar chart with confidence intervals

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Clustered bar chart showing inequalities in life expectancy for men and women who live in areas with different levels of deprivation (for Brighton and Hove).
Average rating: 0 (1 votes)