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Gallery: Population pyramid

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  • A population pyramid is a type of bar-chart, and can be created in a range of standard data applications such as Excel.

Interactive population pyramid

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An example of the use of a visualisation for demography. This pyramid is powered with interactive features to explore the poupulation structure in different territories of Australia.
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population pyramid

Population projection

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This is a very rich infographic that combines several visualisation types: bubble chart, population pyramid, comparative line charts, a map, pie charts and it is additionally fully annotated. The picture itself is crossed by a line (without reference axis) that communicates the main message of the infographic: the rapid population growth experienced by the UK in recent decades. The supplementary charts display information about population proportions, population densities, age and gender structure, comparison between migration related and “natural” population change, fertility rates during the last 35 years and lastly population changes by government region during 2007-08. The display is very rich and is successful at grabbing’s the reader’s attention by offering an appealing combination of related data.
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Population pyramid

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Population pyramid identifying the age profile of an area benchmarked against the UK average.
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population pyramid