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Gallery: Box plot

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Bagplot : 2D boxplot

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A generalisation of the boxplot, this visualisation relies on the median (red star) and the representation of 50% of the observations (dark blue area).
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Visual types:

scatterplot, box plot, bagplot

Box plot

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Box plot showing variation in under-18 conception rates per county across England.
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Visual types:

box plot

Conditional tree

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This visualisation is used in conjunction with a regression in order to enable statistical inference. Conditional trees are useful for processes that take place in discrete stages.

Quantile regression

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A complex graph for presenting detailed population about population growth. It integrates other visualisation types: Histograms, representation of the quantile regressions, and boxplots for the residual values.
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Violin plot

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This graph is a modification of the boxplot that enables the representation of densities and other distributions. The image shows the boxplot together with its possible modifications.
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