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Gallery: Non-Commercial Research

20 unique examples

Annotated stacked line chart

Screenshot for 'Annotated stacked line chart'
A brief history immigration in the United States, winner of a Flowing Data competition.
Average rating: 6.8 (9 votes)

Area graph: salt content

Screenshot for 'Area graph: salt content'
A visualization intended to contrast salt content between several foods.
Average rating: 5.7 (9 votes)
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Circular connection graph

Screenshot for 'Circular connection graph'
Academic citations between journals (inner circle) and fields (outer journal)
Average rating: 5.3 (16 votes)
Visual types:

comparative chart

Compound bubble and pie chart

Screenshot for 'Compound bubble and pie chart'
UK consumer spending broken down into categories (bubble size) and, within that, durability (pie chart).
Average rating: 7 (5 votes)

Emotion map

Screenshot for 'Emotion map'
Emotion map of Stockport, generated from drawings by local people (placed in correct geographical location) and route traces of 'emotion mapping' exercises.

Faumaxion slippy map

Screenshot for 'Faumaxion slippy map'
Draggable world map that re-orients to points North.
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Gastner/Newman cartogram

Screenshot for 'Gastner/Newman cartogram'
This is a Gastner/Newman cartogram of the 2007 Parliamentary Constituencies. Each constituency is roughly the same size, whilst retaining something of its original shape. The colour shows the Government Office Region.
Average rating: 9.5 (2 votes)

Interactive bar chart

Screenshot for 'Interactive bar chart'
This online tool combines several sources of information to display life tables in the form of interactive barcharts where the user can select how life expectancy is affected by age, gender and behaviour. The screenshot shows the probability of survival of the class of 25 year olds in England and Wales who are non-active smoker

Interactive cartogram

Screenshot for 'Interactive cartogram'
Local Council election results 1974 to 2008.
Average rating: 5.8 (3 votes)

Interactive time line on UK pay

Screenshot for 'Interactive time line on UK pay'
An interactive exploring UK pay from 1975-2010 under Thatcher, Major, Blair and Brown.
Visual types:

time line, interactive

Interactive timeline

Screenshot for 'Interactive timeline'
This is a tool designed to explore the history of visualization by placing interactive milestones along a timeline. The milestones include graphs, maps and technology that have made possible the change in visualization methods. Each milestone is linked to a detailed explanation and a visual example.
Average rating: 8 (1 votes)
Visual types:

time line

Interactive treemap

Screenshot for 'Interactive treemap'
Academic citations between journals (boxes) and fields (colours). 'Compass points' indicate citations for a specific journal - incoming (white arrow) and outgoing (black arrow).
Average rating: 3.5 (4 votes)

Language usage chart

Screenshot for 'Language usage chart'
Charts the usage of certain phrases over time on historical and contemporary sources.
Average rating: 4.5 (2 votes)

Parallel Sets (ParSets)

Screenshot for 'Parallel Sets (ParSets)'
Parallel Sets is a technique for visualizing categorical data. It helps you get away from representing individual data points, and instead show sets and subsets of items with certain combinations of criteria.<br />This example illustrates the people on board the Titanic. In a way, ParSets is a mix between parallel coordinates and treemaps/mosaic plots.
Average rating: 3.8 (10 votes)

Rectangular choropleth cartogram of people with HIV

Screenshot for 'Rectangular choropleth cartogram of people with HIV'
A world-view cartogram for World's Aids Day. The size of a region indicates the number of people infected with HIV - each square being 10,000 people infected. The colour of a region indicates the rate of infection, in relation to the global average.
Average rating: 9.5 (6 votes)

Sensory deprivation map

Screenshot for 'Sensory deprivation map'
Sensory map created by depriving people of sight and sound, and having them walk through an area while notes are taken on what they experience.
Average rating: 3.3 (4 votes)

Stream graph

Screenshot for 'Stream graph'
Music artists listened to over time, using data taken from
Average rating: 6.5 (9 votes)

Travel time cross-reference map (interactive)

Screenshot for 'Travel time cross-reference map (interactive)'
Map showing areas within a chosen travel time from Department for Transport, and with median house price between chosen criteria.
Average rating: 6.9 (7 votes)
Visual types:

map, isoline map

Travel time map (static)

Screenshot for 'Travel time map (static)'
Map of London showing travel time from various locations to Department of Transport, Pimlico.
Visual types:

map, isoline map

Virtual world weather map

Screenshot for 'Virtual world weather map'
Second Life object developed by Daden Ltd, showing UK weather reports from data brought in externally via a Yahoo RSS feed.
Average rating: 6.7 (3 votes)
Visual types:

map, virtual world