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Maps showing overlap between two indicators

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The three maps show Local Authorities with (1) high levels of BNP membership, (2) large non-white populations, and (3) both high levels of BNP membership and large non-white populations. The use of the blue, red and overlap purple colours make this a geographic "Venn diagram", allowing viewers to quickly identify areas with high levels on two separate datasets.
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Venn Diagram

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Venn diagrams are usually used to visualise the space where a set lies in relation to other sets. In this case, the diagram is used to illustrate the key components of data visualisation the along the dimensions of information and design. The intersection areas are all clearly named and indicate explicitly the outcomes to be achieved when putting more or less emphasis in each area. Readers interested in topic might want to see our <a href=""> guide on data visualisation.</a>
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