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Gallery: Low + Choropleth map

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Benefits & pitfalls

Benefits & pitfalls: choropleth map

  • Shaded maps can emphasise large areas much more than small ones - for example highlighting rural areas over urban, if fixed population areas such as Super Output Areas are shown. Consider providing an alternate mode in which values are represented by circles, or values are scaled by the area size (ie showing density).

How to create your own

Create your own: choropleth map

  • Chloropleth maps can be created in a range of desktop GIS applications such as MapInfo and ArcGIS.

Compound map with selectable doughnut chart

Screenshot for 'Compound map with selectable doughnut chart'
Breakdown by area of under-18 profiles on national DNA database.
Average rating: 6.2 (4 votes)

Layered map

Screenshot for 'Layered map'
Dan Vicker's Output Area Classification (OAC) layered on top of Google map using Maptube.
Visual types:

map, choropleth map

Local crime mapping

Screenshot for 'Local crime mapping'
The National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) now provides crime mapping for all of the 43 police forces in England and Wales. Residents can search for a village, town, or postcode to access the latest information on a range of crime types and compare with other neighborhoods. Data is mapped using Bing Maps, with time series trends shown for the different crime types.

Map with accompanying table identifying areas on the map with the high/low scores

Screenshot for 'Map with accompanying table identifying areas on the map with the high/low scores'
Map showing the ratio of overseas migrants to internal migrants across Local Authority Districts in England.
Visual types:

map, table, choropleth map

Maps showing overlap between two indicators

Screenshot for 'Maps showing overlap between two indicators'
The three maps show Local Authorities with (1) high levels of BNP membership, (2) large non-white populations, and (3) both high levels of BNP membership and large non-white populations. The use of the blue, red and overlap purple colours make this a geographic "Venn diagram", allowing viewers to quickly identify areas with high levels on two separate datasets.
Average rating: 9.3 (3 votes)

Maptube Google map overlay

Screenshot for 'Maptube Google map overlay'
Mood map showing sentiment about job security in East of England (as gathered from online BBC survey).
Average rating: 8 (2 votes)
Visual types:

map, choropleth map

Timeseries map

Screenshot for 'Timeseries map'
Votes by state for all US presidential elections.
Average rating: 6 (1 votes)
Visual types:

map, table, choropleth map

Zoom-in Map

Screenshot for 'Zoom-in Map'
Map of deprivation with zoom-ins for key areas.
Average rating: 10 (3 votes)
Visual types:

map, choropleth map