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Gallery: Intermediate + Spider (radar) chart

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Benefits & pitfalls

Benefits & pitfalls: spider (radar) chart

  • Where spider (radar) charts are used to represent time series data, the time series needs to show cyclical data. For example data on crime offences by hour of day could be usefully represented on a spider chart, similarly disease levels by month of the year.

How to create your own

Create your own: spider (radar) chart

  • Spider (radar) charts can be created in a range of standard data applications such as Excel.

Interactive time line tool

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The 'Who Had It Worse' Time Machine. A tool from Canada that allows users to select their graduating year and compare the financial situation against the graduating class of 1976 and see 'Who had it worse?'

Nightingale graph

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Spider pie graph of deaths by year 1854-1855.
Average rating: 7.1 (9 votes)

Spider chart/Radar chart

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Health poverty Index indicator score for Peterborough 2003 and 2005.
Average rating: 3.9 (14 votes)
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spider (radar) chart