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Gallery: Intermediate + Point location map

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  • Point location maps can be created in a range of desktop GIS applications such as MapInfo and ArcGIS.

Cultural Map of the World (Inglehart-Welzel)

Screenshot for 'Cultural Map of the World (Inglehart-Welzel)'
This is an application of a factor analysis plot, used in this case to display the 'cultural proximity' of several countries. This proximity is calculated based on survey scores on areas such as politics, religion and social life. The data is 'reduced' to some dimensions (displayed in the axis of the chart) and then plot according to how much they load in each dimension. This type of graph is used specially in qualitative research.
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Emotion map

Screenshot for 'Emotion map'
Emotion map of Stockport, generated from drawings by local people (placed in correct geographical location) and route traces of 'emotion mapping' exercises.

Interactive map with detailed description

Screenshot for 'Interactive map with detailed description'
Interactive Map enabling users to identify services and rank areas by decile (thematic mapping). Map contains significant description of variables used.
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Postcoded geodemographic map with OS background

Screenshot for 'Postcoded geodemographic map with OS background'
Mosaic profile at postcode level of St Leonards ward in Exeter.
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Visual types:

map, point location map

Report a fault

Screenshot for 'Report a fault'
Interactive map to report faults in services provided by a council.
Visual types:

map, point location map

Sensory deprivation map

Screenshot for 'Sensory deprivation map'
Sensory map created by depriving people of sight and sound, and having them walk through an area while notes are taken on what they experience.
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Southwark atlas of health (annotated map)

Screenshot for 'Southwark atlas of health (annotated map)'
This map is part of a series of visualisations aimed at giving an overall picture of public health in south east London. In this map, it is possible to see the prevalence of heart disease using the gradation of the colour in the area and the localization of hotspots. The atlas of health comprises several examples ranging from teenage pregnancy to socioeconomic classification of the habitants and it is a good example of the use of public information in a geodemographic context.
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Visual types:

map, point location map