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3D London maps, overlaid with air quality data

Screenshot for '3D London maps, overlaid with air quality data'
Air quality data mapped across London for key pollutants. StreetView style visualisation of data at building level (3D).
Average rating: 8.2 (6 votes)
Visual types:

map, animation, isoline map

Accessibility map

Screenshot for 'Accessibility map'
Roads in a local area within 500m of a postcode containing one or more shops where food is reasonably priced and which sell more than 8 kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables.
Average rating: 6.8 (4 votes)
Visual types:

map, choropleth map

Billionaire rankings interactive data explorer

Screenshot for 'Billionaire rankings interactive data explorer'
Ranking's of the worlds richest people, animated and interactive. Sort by various categories or show data as a visual dot plot or on a world map with an interactive change over time feature.
Average rating: 6 (2 votes)

Biopsy map

Screenshot for 'Biopsy map'
'Biopsy' map of Brentford, constructed through interviews, data, conversations and emotions from 200 local people. It is intended to reflect the range of opinions and viewpoints across these people.
Average rating: 4.4 (5 votes)
Visual types:

map, qualitative, pictorial

Cartogram (distorted map) showing recorded crime counts

Screenshot for 'Cartogram (distorted map) showing recorded crime counts'
The two maps both show levels of recorded crime across Leicestershire at Lower Super Output Area LSOA level (with darker red representing higher levels of crime). The map on the left shows the actual geography of the LSOA areas across the County. LSOA areas each contain roughly 1,500 residents - larger areas on this map therefore represent rural areas with lower-density population. The cartogram, or distorted, map on the right shows the same data at LSOA level, but represents each of the LSOAs as a fixed size hexagon. This avoids the problem of over-emphasising the more rural LSOAs, seen on the left. However, it becomes more difficult for users to understand which areas are which - so a numbered key is used to identify particular areas.
Average rating: 8.4 (13 votes)

Cartogram map on the impact of US recession

Screenshot for 'Cartogram map on the impact of US recession'
Where the recession hit the Us the hardest: an interactive map showing how different regions and industries have weathered the downturn—and the recovery
Average rating: 6 (1 votes)

Cartogram thematic map (where areas are sized according to their population)

Screenshot for 'Cartogram thematic map (where areas are sized according to their population)'
Proportion of people claiming benefits in English cities, 2003.
Average rating: 2 (2 votes)

Commuter View

Screenshot for 'Commuter View'
CommuterView is a highly interactive tool which shows flows of commuters based on 2001 Census data (example below). By selecting an area (local authority) of interest within the UK, the major flows of commutes within the area can be seen by moving the mouse. Patterns of flows and major areas of employment are clearly revealed.
Average rating: 8 (12 votes)
Visual types:

map, flow map

Contour plot

Screenshot for 'Contour plot'
Graph used to present differences in surfaces. In the example heat colours are used.
Average rating: 8 (1 votes)
Visual types:

map, isoline map, contour plot

Crime mapping - GIS hotspots, and temporal patterns

Screenshot for 'Crime mapping - GIS hotspots, and temporal patterns'
Crime mapping example - using geographic hotspots alongside temporal patterns (by hour of day) to highlight particular patterns and identify appropriate intervention.
Average rating: 6.5 (4 votes)
Visual types:

map, bar chart, isoline map

Cultural Map of the World (Inglehart-Welzel)

Screenshot for 'Cultural Map of the World (Inglehart-Welzel)'
This is an application of a factor analysis plot, used in this case to display the 'cultural proximity' of several countries. This proximity is calculated based on survey scores on areas such as politics, religion and social life. The data is 'reduced' to some dimensions (displayed in the axis of the chart) and then plot according to how much they load in each dimension. This type of graph is used specially in qualitative research.
Average rating: 6.8 (8 votes)

Electoral map

Screenshot for 'Electoral map'
An implementation in R of the Elections map produced by The New York Times in 2004.
Average rating: 6 (2 votes)
Visual types:

map, bubble map

Electoral Map

Screenshot for 'Electoral Map'
This swingometer simulates voter’s change of preference among the main parties as well as the size of the change and its potential impact on the political landscape in each constituency.
Average rating: 8.3 (6 votes)

Emotion map

Screenshot for 'Emotion map'
Emotion map of Stockport, generated from drawings by local people (placed in correct geographical location) and route traces of 'emotion mapping' exercises.

Funnel plot and map

Screenshot for 'Funnel plot and map'
Geowise InstantAtlas showing funnel plot alongside area map, bar chart and legends.
Average rating: 7 (4 votes)

Geographic cluster analysis

Screenshot for 'Geographic cluster analysis'
This chart is designed to aid the interpretation of the results of a cluster analysis, a statistical technique used to discover the underlying structure of a set of observations. The data set contains dummy variables.

Heat map

Screenshot for 'Heat map'
Student population density in Bristol.
Average rating: 9 (1 votes)
Visual types:

map, isoline map

Housing condition map

Screenshot for 'Housing condition map'
1904 map showing housing conditions in Manchester and Salford.
Average rating: 8.4 (5 votes)
Visual types:

map, choropleth map

Housing Infographic

Screenshot for 'Housing Infographic'
This infographic looks at changes in home ownership and renting over the century, in England and Wales. It also looks at important policies and economic events which impacted on ownership and renting over the period. There is a focus on changes in ownership and renting over the decade to 2011, where home ownership fell for the first time since 1918.
Average rating: 9 (1 votes)

Interactive cartogram

Screenshot for 'Interactive cartogram'
Local Council election results 1974 to 2008.
Average rating: 5.8 (3 votes)

Interactive map

Screenshot for 'Interactive map'
Interactive tool to visualize the progress of the 2010 elections.
Visual types:


Interactive map and time series (Flu trends)

Screenshot for 'Interactive map and time series (Flu trends)'
This map presents an estimate of the intensity of the flu in 20 countries, compared with data for the last six years. The upper panel is a line graph showing the current and past trends of flu intensity by country. The lower panel is the choropleth map with the shading corresponding to the intensity of the flu. The innovative feature of this visualisation is the underlying method of estimation: the intensity of the flu has been approximated based on the number of internet based queries submitted during a certain period of time. Analyses of past data have shown that this method offers good predictions of real levels of the illness.
Average rating: 2 (1 votes)

Interactive map with detailed description

Screenshot for 'Interactive map with detailed description'
Interactive Map enabling users to identify services and rank areas by decile (thematic mapping). Map contains significant description of variables used.
Average rating: 4.8 (4 votes)

Map (multi layer): Ageing population

Screenshot for 'Map (multi layer): Ageing population'
Map showing population trends and change in the old age population. To compare both impacts of population growth and aging population.

Map with bar charts by locality

Screenshot for 'Map with bar charts by locality'
Map of local area with bar chart of crime trends.
Average rating: 4 (4 votes)
Visual types:

map, bar chart

Map with pie charts by locality

Screenshot for 'Map with pie charts by locality'
Male female distribution of unemployment by location.
Average rating: 4.6 (6 votes)

Mapping health indicators across local areas

Screenshot for 'Mapping health indicators across local areas'
The Asturias Health Observatory (AHO) is a project developed by the Public Health General Directorate in Asturias, Spain, in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute. One of the AHO projects is "Asturias Action/ Asturias Actúa" (AA), a regional database which provides over 100 community health indicators. These indicators are mapped at local area level across the region, allowing for comparisons between areas on different health risks and outcomes.
Average rating: 8 (1 votes)

Maptube Google map overlay

Screenshot for 'Maptube Google map overlay'
IMD 2004 ranks for London.
Visual types:

map, choropleth map

Multipanel map

Screenshot for 'Multipanel map'
This map presents information about the murder rate in the United States during 1976. It shows the rates in six intervals, relying on several smaller maps to do that.
Visual types:

map, choropleth map

Perspective plot

Screenshot for 'Perspective plot'
Perspective plots are used to represent surfaces in statistics and geographical representations.
Average rating: 4 (1 votes)

Population projection

Screenshot for 'Population projection'
This is a very rich infographic that combines several visualisation types: bubble chart, population pyramid, comparative line charts, a map, pie charts and it is additionally fully annotated. The picture itself is crossed by a line (without reference axis) that communicates the main message of the infographic: the rapid population growth experienced by the UK in recent decades. The supplementary charts display information about population proportions, population densities, age and gender structure, comparison between migration related and “natural” population change, fertility rates during the last 35 years and lastly population changes by government region during 2007-08. The display is very rich and is successful at grabbing’s the reader’s attention by offering an appealing combination of related data.
Average rating: 6 (3 votes)

Postcoded geodemographic map with OS background

Screenshot for 'Postcoded geodemographic map with OS background'
Mosaic profile at postcode level of St Leonards ward in Exeter.
Average rating: 9.5 (2 votes)
Visual types:

map, point location map

Report a fault

Screenshot for 'Report a fault'
Interactive map to report faults in services provided by a council.
Visual types:

map, point location map

Sensory deprivation map

Screenshot for 'Sensory deprivation map'
Sensory map created by depriving people of sight and sound, and having them walk through an area while notes are taken on what they experience.
Average rating: 3.3 (4 votes)

Smooth statistical map

Screenshot for 'Smooth statistical map'
Retail activity in London.
Average rating: 3.5 (2 votes)

Southwark atlas of health (annotated map)

Screenshot for 'Southwark atlas of health (annotated map)'
This map is part of a series of visualisations aimed at giving an overall picture of public health in south east London. In this map, it is possible to see the prevalence of heart disease using the gradation of the colour in the area and the localization of hotspots. The atlas of health comprises several examples ranging from teenage pregnancy to socioeconomic classification of the habitants and it is a good example of the use of public information in a geodemographic context.
Average rating: 9.7 (3 votes)
Visual types:

map, point location map

Split screen map

Screenshot for 'Split screen map'
Vehicle offences in Wiltshire at LSOA level.
Visual types:

map, choropleth map

Thematic map including area and hinterland

Screenshot for 'Thematic map including area and hinterland'
The Vulnerable Localities index mapped across Stafford district. Red indicates a high score, green indicates a low score. Districts are ordered by those with the highest number of output areas with a VLI score above 200.
Average rating: 9.5 (2 votes)
Visual types:

map, choropleth map

Thematic map with areal photo background

Screenshot for 'Thematic map with areal photo background'
Density of ethnic minority groups in Leeds.
Average rating: 7.5 (4 votes)
Visual types:

map, choropleth map

Time change map

Screenshot for 'Time change map'
Map of UK by parliamentary constituency showing percentage of population claiming JSA. Slider at bottom allows users to choose a time point.
Average rating: 9.7 (3 votes)
Visual types:

map, choropleth map

Travel time cross-reference map (interactive)

Screenshot for 'Travel time cross-reference map (interactive)'
Map showing areas within a chosen travel time from Department for Transport, and with median house price between chosen criteria.
Average rating: 6.9 (7 votes)
Visual types:

map, isoline map

University collaboration map

Screenshot for 'University collaboration map'
Framework Programme 6 R&D collaborations between European universities that cooperate in more than ten research projects.
Average rating: 4 (1 votes)
Visual types:

map, flow map