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Gallery: Intermediate + Bubble map

7 unique examples
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How to create your own

Create your own: bubble map

  • Bubble maps can be created in a range of desktop GIS applications such as MapInfo and ArcGIS.

Bubble map

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The graphic shows China's international investments from 2003 to 2009 in several dimensions: as the percentage of the total exports; as the overall volume in millions of dollars; and as China’s foreign direct investment. The interactive features help make clear the growing presence of Chinese trade and investment all around the world.
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Visual types:

base map, bubble map

Bullseye Bubble Chart

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Measure of who is meeting their Kyoto climate change targets.
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Visual types:

bubble chart, bubble map

Circular timeline and bubble chart

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The outer circle illustrates presidential periods, the governing party, and whether or not the President died in office. The first inner circle shows the "eras" in history that those time periods covered. The third inner circle shows key foreign conflicts and wars. The fourth inner circle (purple) shows key legislative acts (or series of bills) that were issued. Finally, the bubbles in the middle indicate the average national debt, as indicated every 8 years.
Average rating: 6.8 (8 votes)

Electoral map

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An implementation in R of the Elections map produced by The New York Times in 2004.
Average rating: 6 (2 votes)
Visual types:

map, bubble map

Interactive bubble chart

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The graphic shows IED attacks on civilians, coalition and Afghan troops during the Afghanistan conflict. The interactive features enable analysis of change in casualties over time while the bubble map captures size location and category of casualty.
Average rating: 10 (1 votes)
Visual types:

bubble map

Interactive bubble map

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This visualisation presents the predicted relative and absolute level of growth for the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) compared to other emerging and developed economies. The interactive feature of the visualisation allows to easily visalise changes over time as changes in bubble sizes. For example, it is easy to see the waning contribution of European Economies to the World GDP.
Visual types:

bubble map

Map (multi layer): Ageing population

Screenshot for 'Map (multi layer): Ageing population'
Map showing population trends and change in the old age population. To compare both impacts of population growth and aging population.