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Benefits & pitfalls

Benefits & pitfalls: line chart

  • Line-charts imply that data is continuously changing. If your data is discrete you might consider a bar-chart instead.

Bar line trend chart with baseline

Screenshot for 'Bar line trend chart with baseline'
Chart showing real GVA growth over time and output gap.
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Effect plot

Screenshot for 'Effect plot'
Effect plots work by identifying high-order terms in a generalised linear model, a statistical technique. Once these terms are identified fitted values are derived and plotted for the relevant groups.

Google Data Explorer

Screenshot for 'Google Data Explorer'
This interactive tool developed by Google offers a large amount of data, ranging from databases on public debt in Europe (in the screenshot) to education statistics in California. It is fully flexible so the user can select can choose between line, char graphs and maps, as well as the contextual information to be displayed.
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Line chart with error limits

Screenshot for 'Line chart with error limits'
Line chart showing actual teenage conception rates (green line) in comparison to trajectory (red circles), 1997 to 2010.

Line chart: Curves

Screenshot for 'Line chart: Curves'
This is an example of the use of a line chart to plot mathematical functions.
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line chart

Line graph

Screenshot for 'Line graph'
The set of line graphs shows how demographics of students in American schools have evolved in the last two decades. Here, New York City schools is selected, compared with New York State schools (gray line).<br /><br />The blue and gray lines are almost parallel everywhere, which tells us that in terms of the change in demographic composition, New York City pretty much resembled New York State during this entire period. <br />However, in terms of demographic composition, rather than the change in composition, New York City schools are very different from the rest of the state, in that the proportion of white is lower by a third while that of minorities are much higher, especially black and Hispanic students.<br />State-wide (as well as city-wide), black and white students have been declining as a proportion while Hispanics and Asians have increased. <br />The extent of the change is immediately visible, Asians have jumped from 7% to 14% for example.
Visual types:

line chart

Line graph with annual breakpoints, targets and trendlines

Screenshot for 'Line graph with annual breakpoints, targets and trendlines'
Number in treatment, year on year in Halton compared with targeted figures.
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Visual types:

line chart

Line graph with converging lines

Screenshot for 'Line graph with converging lines'
Income before housing costs of a lone Parent with 2 children under 11 in private rented housing compared with gross earnings (by benefit type).
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Visual types:

line chart

Probability line chart

Screenshot for 'Probability line chart'
Shows probability of defaulting on mortgage increase when amount owed surpasses value of property. 'Underwater' section shows loan-to-value ratio of more than 100%.
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Visual types:

line chart

Quantile regression

Screenshot for 'Quantile regression'
A complex graph for presenting detailed population about population growth. It integrates other visualisation types: Histograms, representation of the quantile regressions, and boxplots for the residual values.
Average rating: 8 (4 votes)

Stream graph variation

Screenshot for 'Stream graph variation'
US Box Office data, showing takings and ranking each week. This visualisation is based on the data and original idea displayed <a href="/vis/id=282">here</a> but uses an alternative method to calculate and depict the areas on the graph.
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Tukey's hanging rootogram

Screenshot for 'Tukey's hanging rootogram'
This visualisation is a variation of the concept of histograms, combining observed and predicted distributions in a simple way.
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