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Gallery: High + Confidence intervals

10 unique examples
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Create your own: confidence intervals

  • Confidence intervals can be created in a range of standard data applications such as Excel.

Bar chart with error limit

Screenshot for 'Bar chart with error limit'
Bar chart showing mortality from alcohol for males compared with females, with error limits.
Average rating: 8.5 (2 votes)

Funnel plot showing stroke admissions against national average

Screenshot for 'Funnel plot showing stroke admissions against national average'
Funnel plot of re-admissions following stroke, for large acute or multi-service NHS Trusts in England. The funnel plot does not rank the data and it takes into account the increased variability of the smaller units.
Average rating: 10 (1 votes)

Health profile

Screenshot for 'Health profile'
Health profile, benchmarking performance of an area on a range of variables against the regional average.
Average rating: 6.2 (5 votes)

Lattice confidence intervals

Screenshot for 'Lattice confidence intervals'
A simple graph that allows the presentation means and confidence intervals of several inter-related variables in an experiment.
Average rating: 5.5 (2 votes)

Line chart with error limits

Screenshot for 'Line chart with error limits'
Line chart showing actual teenage conception rates (green line) in comparison to trajectory (red circles), 1997 to 2010.

Meta analysis plot

Screenshot for 'Meta analysis plot'
A chart used to summarise the findings of several studies about a common variable. It presents confidence intervals for each one of the studies considered. The example presents data on the effectiveness of silver sulfadiazine coating on venous catheters for preventing bacterial colonisation of the catheter and bloodstream infection.
Average rating: 6 (2 votes)

Quantile regression

Screenshot for 'Quantile regression'
A complex graph for presenting detailed population about population growth. It integrates other visualisation types: Histograms, representation of the quantile regressions, and boxplots for the residual values.
Average rating: 8 (4 votes)

Scorecard at ward level

Screenshot for 'Scorecard at ward level'
Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, Alcohol related harm admission rates (NI 39), wards benchmarked against the county average.
Average rating: 4.5 (2 votes)

Stacked column (with error limits and national baseline for benchmarking)

Screenshot for 'Stacked column (with error limits and national baseline for benchmarking)'
Performance of health trust in terms of the service provided by GPs.
Average rating: 7 (1 votes)

Time series plot

Screenshot for 'Time series plot'
This plot represents the outcome of a forecasting model a with simulated data set. The orange region show the confidence intervals for the forecast.
Average rating: 3.5 (2 votes)