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Australian census interactive data explorer

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A data dashboard allowing interaction with Australia's 2011 Census data, comparing different language groups, geographies and data trends over time.

Billionaire rankings interactive data explorer

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Ranking's of the worlds richest people, animated and interactive. Sort by various categories or show data as a visual dot plot or on a world map with an interactive change over time feature.
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Interactive Scatterplot

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A scatterplot looking at the number of years we can expect to live compared with the number of years we can expect to live in good health across the world. In most of the world, life expectancy is longer than it was 20 years ago, but often a smaller percentage of those years will be healthy ones.
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Mapping health indicators across local areas

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The Asturias Health Observatory (AHO) is a project developed by the Public Health General Directorate in Asturias, Spain, in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute. One of the AHO projects is "Asturias Action/ Asturias ActĂșa" (AA), a regional database which provides over 100 community health indicators. These indicators are mapped at local area level across the region, allowing for comparisons between areas on different health risks and outcomes.
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