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Gallery: Community Safety Strategic Assessment

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Cartogram (distorted map) showing recorded crime counts

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The two maps both show levels of recorded crime across Leicestershire at Lower Super Output Area LSOA level (with darker red representing higher levels of crime). The map on the left shows the actual geography of the LSOA areas across the County. LSOA areas each contain roughly 1,500 residents - larger areas on this map therefore represent rural areas with lower-density population. The cartogram, or distorted, map on the right shows the same data at LSOA level, but represents each of the LSOAs as a fixed size hexagon. This avoids the problem of over-emphasising the more rural LSOAs, seen on the left. However, it becomes more difficult for users to understand which areas are which - so a numbered key is used to identify particular areas.
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Dot plot showing crime levels at LSOA level for major crime types

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The dot plot shows, for the twenty highest crime areas in Leicestershire at Lower Super Output Area level, the relative amount of each of the key crime and disorder issues compared to the rest of the county. Solid grey dots show the highest crime levels (relative to the County), while white circles show the lowest crime rates. Those areas shaded green show a reduction in recorded crime levels in the last year, while those in red show an increase in crime levels.
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