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Gallery: Commercial software provider

3 unique examples

Google Data Explorer

Screenshot for 'Google Data Explorer'
This interactive tool developed by Google offers a large amount of data, ranging from databases on public debt in Europe (in the screenshot) to education statistics in California. It is fully flexible so the user can select can choose between line, char graphs and maps, as well as the contextual information to be displayed.
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Map view of a Similarity graph

Screenshot for 'Map view of a Similarity graph'
This map shows the relationship between 1000 tv shows as a function of their similarity. Each show is linked directly to the 10 most similar shows, which in turn have been grouped into clusters or 'countries'. This mapping techinque is being applied to the visualisation of consumer recommendations, not only for television, but also for music and books.
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Scatterplot with histograms and dispersion markers

Screenshot for 'Scatterplot with histograms and dispersion markers'
This visualisation integrates the capabilities of histograms, scatterplots and dispersion indicators in a single graph with interactive features.
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