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Step-by-step: Select a question

Step 1. Theme chosen:

Improving service delivery (Change this? Or choose a level of expertise instead)

Step 2. Choose a question

Select the question most relevant to your purpose to bring up appropriate visualisations for your needs.
  • All questions in this theme
  • How do our services compare?
    • How do costs of services compare with (similar) benchmark areas?
    • How do levels of service demand and take-up compare with (similar) benchmark areas?
    • Where are services most stretched (highest levels of take-up)?
  • Understanding customers ('insight')
    • Who is most/ least satisfied with services?
    • What are the key priorities for citizens and users in improving services?
    • Which groups have particular views?
    • What groups and areas have poor take-up of services?
    • Preferred services and communication channels?
  • User access to services
    • Where are services located?
    • What groups and areas have difficulties accessing services?
  • Who are our service users?
    • Who are our service users? How do service users compare with the overall population?
    • Where do our service users come from?
    • What is our travel to work area?
    • Where are commuters coming from?